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Green Leaves Tree Service
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 20 reviews
by Dawn on Green Leaves Tree Service

So impressed with this company. Jason got back to me the same day I called with a written, free estimate. The other tree services I called either never bothered to call me back or they wanted to charge me for an estimate. This pretty much told me what I needed to know about customer service and reliability. They got me in quicker than expected, did an awesome job, and the clean up was impeccable. I will recommend Green Leaves to everyone!

by Danielle Straub on Green Leaves Tree Service

I can't express how impressed we were with the crew that took down 11 evergreen trees for us. They were very courteous and friendly. Their work was exceptional as was the clean up. We will not hesitate to call them again in the future. Thank you so much.

by Nichole on Green Leaves Tree Service

These are amazing people who do great work. Give them a try you wont be sorry. Very professional and very focused on doing a great job. I am very pleased with there services.

by Sheryl B. on Green Leaves Tree Service

WOW! Amazing! Thank you to Jason and his crew. These guys are the best, professional timely and I would hire them again.

They took great care of my yard with the obstacles they had to contend with. I highly recommend Green Leaves Tree Service.

Thank you once again.


by Jamie Huss on Green Leaves Tree Service
Professional service, great price

My crew was totally blown away by these guys! We hired them a few times now to take down and trim trees on the property. They showed up promptly and handled themselves very professionally and informative. The whole Green Leaves crew took great care for the property and the animals, as well as getting the projects done swiftly. I remain a grateful, and very satisfied customer! I highly recommend them!

by Christopher on Green Leaves Tree Service
Chicago People Love Green Leaves Tree Removal

Jason,came to our house in Harbert, Michigan. Needed a Chokeberry removed was rotting and leaning towards the house next to our electric service line. Also trimmed the Whitepine tree that I planted 20 yrs ago off the roof area. And trimmed the Sugar Maple over the deck hitting the antenna. Beautiful work to say the least. Just tried these guys out of the blue. Jason came over one morning gave us the estimate and the date of work. We were't in Harbert at the time but we trusted them on our property. One more thing is that Jason came over looking the part of a tree person. Good American kids with a good work ethic. I know that Jason and his crew will make , " America Great Again" Thanks Jason and Ginger !

by Tonya Dobis on Green Leaves Tree Service

We have debated for a few years whether or not to remove our large silver maple in our front yard. We love trees but it was time to let this guy go. Dropped sap all the time, was leaning toward the house, etc. As hard a decision as it was to make, any doubts were eliminated through talking to Jason and getting his trust-worthy advice on the subject. I'm glad you said no to the "topping" method 😉

So, yesterday, we watched as our big maple was removed. Jason and his crew were prompt and the first thing that got my attention was how quickly they got started. They pulled in their equipment and got on it right away. The 4 crew team was impressive. It said a lot for how Jason runs his business, but it also said a lot for the crew. The bucket guy (regret I didn't get names) was incredible and could tell very knowledgeable about how to handle the removal of trees.

The ground crew worked efficiently and with smiles on their faces. I asked a few questions periodically and was treated with dignity. One guy even said "there's no such thing as a dumb question". A very friendly team!!

The cherry on top was the fact that these guys took pride in clean up. I've told everyone how amazed I was that it seemed to be as important to them as the actual tree removal itself. Nowadays it's a sad reality that companies are only out for a buck, but these guys really cared.

It was also a huge sign of confidence that Jason has in his crew by bringing them here, telling them what's going on and then left. I never saw him come back to check on them. That let me know he has confidence in his crew.

I'm not one to leave reviews on things, but this one is worth writing. I'm very impressed and happy we went with your Tree Service. Glad my friend James reminded me of you guys and thank you Jason for agreeing to the job, especially after reminding me I had you come out 2 years ago. lol. Glad we finally pulled the trigger and got the tree removed.

Keep up the good work Green Leaves!!! Thanks again!



by Joe Bogucki on Green Leaves Tree Service
Great Job

Had Jason and his crew remove 4 large oak trees and deadwood 10 others. Fantastic job and a great price. Had to climb 3 of the trees due to existence of septic system. Stumps were ground and holes filled with black dirt. Jason's crew is very conscientious and did a great job of cleaning up the yard when finished. I have already recommended Jason to one of my friends and 2 of my neighbors stopped to get his phone number.

We have had several trees removed in the 38 years we have been in our house and Green Leaves has been the best of the crews so far. I still have 30 trees in the yard and hope not to have any more work done but if I do it will definitely be a call back to Jason.

by Sam H. on Green Leaves Tree Service
4 Down

Quick, clean and on time. Will definitely use these guys again!

by ken Ramsay on Green Leaves Tree Service
Professional Service

Jason and his crew were extremely professional - timely, efficient, careful and quick. We discussed the job details and everything was attended to - nothing was missed out. Great job and I will definitely recommend them to my neighbors.

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